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Достопримечательности г. Аликанте

Posted by First Estate on 03/03/2020
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Alicante is rich in its historical heritage, and there is no wonder since its history begins in 230 BC. The architectural and historical gem of the resort is, of course, the magnificent Santa Barbara Castle, built on the top of Mount Benacantil in the 9th century, at the foot of which the coastal city is located today. The medieval castle/fortress of Santa Barbara has been perfectly preserved and is a kind of the city’s most recognisable features. A walking distance from the city center to the fortress takes about 15 minutes, whereas you can get to the castle by a high-speed elevator located inside the mountain, and for adventure lovers a winding path is provided. The traditional architecture dating to the times of Crusades and knight fights impresses with its magnitude and grandeur. There are exhibition halls with museum exhibits, incredible and well-designed observation decks with breathtaking views, as well as relaxation areas with cafes and souvenir shops.

Returning back from Mount Benakantil to the coast, you will have the opportunity to walk around the city, the architecture of which has the elements of the Greek, Romanesque, Moorish and Gothic styles, but what mainly dominates here, due to the tragic events of 1939, are the buildings the construction of which began after the end of the Civil War, however, the architecture of this period also has its own features and charm.

In most Spanish cities, coastal walks constitute a traditional and integral part of life. It is worth to walk along the Esplanade Boulevard to experience these pleasant moments. The marble promenade makes it very easy to navigate: it begins in the old town and extends along the beaches and port. The promenade offers stunning views of the coast and perfectly illuminated road where you can enjoy the fresh sea breeze all year round.

In Alicante there is a picturesque and spacious harbour with La Marina pier for mooring yachts and private boats. In a local yacht club life never stops, day or night. The harbour attracts the tourists, that’s why there are many cosy cafes and restaurants along the way, from which the smooth manoeuvres of yachts can be observed.

Many tourists call the Postiguet Beach, that stretches along the entire city up to the neighbouring resort of San Juan, one of the most beautiful beaches in Alicante. During the peak summer holiday season on the Costa Blanca, many people come here precisely because of the Postiguet beach, so it is always interesting, funny and crowded here.

The Costa Blanca impresses with its numerous reserves and parks. Gabriel Miro square is one of them. This is a charming and romantic park with giant green trees and delightful fountain with classical sculptures. The park symbolizes a tribute to the famous writer Gabriel Miro.

To feel the authentic Spanish atmosphere, you should visit the traditional Central Markets. The markets resemble food temples, and the Alicante indoor market is no exception. Cooking enthusiasts will appreciate the variety and wide range of fruit, vegetable and butcher shops, as well as will find the true culinary inspiration. But especial pride of the market is its seafood part, where the shelves are always bursting with fresh crabs, lobsters, squids and wide variety of seafood.

Very close to the city center there is El Palmeral park with waterfalls, well maintained gardens, rich vegetation and many palm trees. This refreshing park will distract from the bustle of the city, allowing to get away from the sun in the summer and enjoy the local flora all year round.

Alicante provides great opportunities to enrich your cultural background. Alicante Museum of Contemporary Art, located in a magnificent 17th-century building, offers an excellent collection of 20th-century Spanish artwork, including works by Dali, Miro, Chillida, Semper, Tapies and Picasso.

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