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Horse Riding on the Costa Blanca

Posted by First Estate on 21/02/2020
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Equestrian sport is a special kind of sports. Do you know any other kind of sport where the team consists of a person and animal? The interaction between the horse and rider is a great art. Native Spanish people traditionally cannot live without horses. Almost all city festivals, holidays and events are accompanied by solemn processions on horseback and in decorated carriages. It is Spain where the world famous and one of the most beautiful horses is bred – Andalusian horse. Equestrian sport is one of the most elegant, elite and spectacular sports.

On the Costa Blanca there are many well-known equestrian clubs in sports circles, with talented and experienced teachers explaining how to properly treat the horses and how to find an approach to these noble animals. Numerous equestrian schools, located in this area of ​​Spain, offer courses for beginner riders, as well as walking along the plains with picturesque routes for those who have some riding experience. As a rule, there are classes for adults and children starting from 5 year olds, with lectures on various topics related to equestrian sports. Professional instructors talk about care and feeding, familiarize with equipment, and, of course, teach how to ride a horse. Equestrian clubs teach the horse training, and some of them are engaged in breeding and selling foals and horses of Spanish breeds. The clubs also provide other related services, such as horse transportation.

Equestrian sport for kids is widely popular in Spain. Thanks to the wonderful mild climate on the Costa Blanca, which allows year-round outdoor activities, many parents prefer to get their child into equestrian school, as the classes bring positive emotions from contacting with the animal and have a beneficial effect on health. First of all, it improves the coordination and develops the equilibrium and musculoskeletal system. Riding has a positive impact on the emotional state, the classes give the cheerfulness and rush of energy. There is even a treatment that involves activities with horses, it is called hippotherapy. In addition, equestrian sport develops independence, responsibility, determination and love for the nature. The child develops self-confidence and motivation in achieving sporting success appears.

For some people, horse riding is the meaning of life, for other it’s a hobby, but for everyone communication with horses leaves a bright and unforgettable mark, because horses do not leave anyone indifferent.

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